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Personal Concierge

Staying on top of everything can be difficult when you’re also juggling the stress of a demanding a busy workplace. Send It On can help with all those time-sapping yet important personal tasks so you can focus on your day


  • Booking Personal Appointments

  • Obtaining Quotes

  • Arranging Travel and Accommodation

  • Buying Gifts

  • Arranging Private Events

  • Car Servicing and Maintenance Bookings

  • Researching and Ordering Online

    • Groceries

    • Gifts

  • Household Products and Services

  • Booking Medical and Personal Care appointments

  • Arrange and Book Travel / Family Holidays

  • Coordinate Private Events and Functions

  • Pet Care

    • Vet Bookings

    • Pet Accommodation

    • Pet Services

  • Coordinating Domestic Services

    • Cleaning

    • Gardening

    • Maintenance and Repairs


If the tasks that you need assistance with are not listed above, reach out to discuss your individual requirements.


​If it is something outside of my expertise, I am more than happy to connect you with someone within my VA network that can!

No person or business is alike, and one size doesn't fit all, so why should you fit into the same box as someone else?

All quotes and packages are 100% customised to your unique requirements to sure you get the best value for money. 

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